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 The Branch committee of CPC Maoming Gangchangxing Petrochemical Storage and Transportation Co., Ltd. was formally established


On Dec. 7, the CPC Maoming Port Changxing Petrochemical Storage and Transportation Co., LTD. Branch committee election party member assembly held in the port district meeting。Group Party Committee member, chief engineer Comrade CAI Guangzhang attended the conference, discipline inspection office and Party and Mass work Department related comrades attended the meeting。

The meeting opened in the solemn national anthem, in accordance with the "Provisional Regulations on the election work of grassroots organizations of the Communist Party of China" requirements, the meeting read the group Party Committee's approval documents and introduced the candidate members, Changxing Petrochemical storage and transportation Company all the party members cast their own hands a sacred vote, voted through the election method。

Through democratic voting, the congress elected the first members of the Branch Committee of CPC Maoming Gangchangxing Petrochemical Storage and Transportation Co., LTD。Elected members have expressed that they will never live up to the expectations of the organization and the trust of all party members, transform their roles as soon as possible, earnestly perform their duties, and take practical actions to promote the high-quality development of the company。

CAI Guangzhang fully affirmed the results of the conference and congratulated the elected branch members。He demanded,All Party members and cadres of Changxing Petrochemical Storage and Transportation Company should conscientiously study and implement the Party's Twenty Great Spirits,We will make the study and implementation of the Party's 20 National Spirit the primary political task at present and in the period to come,Efforts will be made to strengthen the standardization of Party organizations,Establish and improve the relevant management system,Work closely around the core tasks of the group,Actively promote high-quality development of enterprises。

After the election of the Branch Committee, CAI Guangzhang gave Party lessons to the participating party cadres and preached the Party's 20 spirit。With vivid language and examples, he explained the significance of the Party's 20 National Spirits in a simple and profound way, starting from the historical changes and achievements made in the cause of the Party and the state since the 18th National Congress and the decisive significance of the "Two Establishment"。

CAI Guangzhang stressed that we should earnestly improve the "three political forces" under the guidance of the Party's 20 Great spirit。We must strengthen our ability to implement the Party's theories, lines, principles and policies。We should strengthen political education and improve our political judgment。We need to "listen to the Party, understand the Party, dare to work, be able to work, and get things done", unswervingly implement all the decisions and arrangements of the Group, and do our best to push all the work of the Group to a new level。(Text/Yang Jiabin Photo/Gao Cong)

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