The trade union of the Group organized the knowledge competition activity of "To Learn and practice"

Ten years of struggle cast elegance, to the knowledge of the line of Xinhang


In order to retrace the hard work of the group in the past ten years, the labor union of the Group organized a knowledge contest with the theme of "Ten years of hard work to cultivate elegance, to Learn and to do and to inspire Singapore Airlines" on December 20。Group deputy Party Secretary, President Xiao Bingzhang attended the event and delivered a speech。

This competition is in the form of a team, 24 business backbone from the headquarters and subordinate enterprises formed 8 teams to compete。The competition is divided into three parts: required questions, quick answer questions and risk questions, covering the group's history of development, corporate culture, port business knowledge, production safety and other related knowledge。

At the competition site, the competitors were calm, witty and did not show weakness。I saw players or each other, or actively respond, the score behind the players also encourage each other, for the next round of the link to achieve "counterattack"。The scene atmosphere is warm, bright spots, applause constantly, wonderful fierce answer questions and thrilling risk questions will push the game to one climax。During the competition, the audience interactive questions were interspersed, and the stage and the audience interacted with each other. Applause was repeated, and the scene was full of warm and cheerful atmosphere。Members of each team said, Athletes should not only have a lot of port knowledge, but also be quick in brain, hand and mouth。”

After two hours of intense competition,With strong business knowledge and flexible field response ability,Finally, Changxing Petrochemical Company team won the first prize in this competition,China Oil King Port Company team and the second team of Group organs won the second prize,The team of development construction company, port operation company and Binhai Property Company won the third prize,Group organs first team, Binhai Holding Company team won the award of excellence。
      This competition is not only a competition of professional knowledge, but also a test of daily work, and also a big competition of entrepreneurial confidence and mentality of officers。Competition promotes learning and learning promotes improvement,Further deepen employees' understanding of the group's history of development, corporate culture and port business knowledge,Strengthen enterprise cohesion and centripetal force,Inspire the passionate passion of love Hong Kong,With a more ambitious attitude into the future work,Make unremitting efforts to build the group into an important regional port with core competitiveness。(Cao Xiaolin)

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