[Extraordinary Decade] Maoming Port Group: Realize the dream of Maoming people's Deep water port and promote the high-quality development of Maoming Port


The new era calls for new actions。

Bathed in the spring breeze of The Times,In August 2012, on the new journey of Maoming to the sea, Maoming Port Group came into being。

In the past ten years, Maoming Port Group, as the main body in the construction and operation of Maoming Bohe New Port Area, has practiced Maoming's spirit of struggle in the new era with its vigorous attitude。In the past ten years, the size of the group's assets has grown from 21 at the beginning of its establishment.7.6 billion to 110.66亿元,企业信用评级提升并维持在AA;完成了茂名港博贺新港区东、西防波堤、博贺湾大道、博贺湾大桥、粤西LNG填海造陆、滨海新区供水工程等一批省市重点项目的融资建设任务,With high quality port construction achievements,To bring the dream of eight million Maoming people to reality,It has written the ten years of transformation and take-off in the development history of Maoming port construction。

The deep-water port of Maoming is emerging

Ten years of strong root building soul road, holding the party flag forging ahead on a new journey
       Since its establishment, the group has always adhered to the leadership of the Party and guided high-quality development with high-quality Party building。
       Casting party building characteristic brand。Around the new period of state-owned enterprise party building work requirements,We will adhere to the principle that the Party supervises enterprises and personnel,Implementation of the Secretary Project, Continue to play the "temporary Party branch", "Party member vanguard" red leading role,形成了一批可复制、可推广的成功经验;积极探索国企纪检监察体制改革实施路径,Innovative implementation of the anti-corruption consultation mechanism,We will deepen the integration of Party building with enterprise operations and management。
       Forge a team of high-quality talents。They follow the philosophy of "thriving and successful people" and establish a systematic talent training system, training a large number of professionals familiar with port construction and operation, enterprise financing and other modern business management, and emerging a number of "national transportation technology expert", "Southern Guangdong transportation model" and "Guangdong Province model worker"。
      Benefiting the society and fulfilling the responsibilities of state-owned enterprises。Since 2016, the Group has dispatched party members to Bohe, Diancheng, Shalang and other places to help villagers get rid of poverty and promote rural revitalization. The Group has been awarded the title of "Caring Enterprise" for poverty alleviation in Maoming City for six consecutive years。Actively organize Party members, cadres and employees to participate in cultural and health activities, and earnestly fulfill the social responsibilities of state-owned enterprises。
      By virtue of a series of corporate culture construction achievements, the Group has won the honors of "Model Enterprise of Chinese corporate culture Construction", "Advanced Collective of Guangdong Province", "Civilized Unit of Guangdong Province", "Excellent Enterprise of Guangdong Province", "Model Enterprise of Legal Culture Construction of Guangdong Province" and so on. It is praised as the benchmark and model of State-owned enterprises in Maoming City。

The ten-year journey of building a harbor and pursuing a dream has exploded to the sea and aroused the driving force
       Since its establishment, the group has been firmly acting as the "vanguard" in the main battlefield of the development and construction of Maoming Binhai New Area, creating a powerful engine for Maoming to the sea。

       Take multiple measures at the same time to guide the spring water protection construction。In the face of global economic turmoil and complex international and domestic development environment, Maoming Port people started from the "zero" foundation of "no assets, no business and no cash flow". They broke the ice through hard work and broke through difficulties repeatedly。Group Party committee actively study financial policies,Innovative financing model,Formulate financing strategies scientifically,China Development Bank, China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank and other major financial institutions will continue to strengthen exchanges and cooperation,Through lottery, trust, equity funds, corporate bonds, corporate bonds and other financing means to actively raise funds,Leverage the construction of key projects in Binhai New Area,It adds an "accelerant" to Maoming's development of "thriving towards the Sea".。

100,000-ton refined oil terminal and public pipeline gallery project

        Work hard to Xing Hong Kong, the blueprint into the real picture。One hundred years ago, because of its excellent deep water conditions, Sun Yat-sen listed it as one of the nine major commercial ports in the Strategy for the Founding of the People's Republic。In this wind and waves, across the development of the decade,The 33 wharf berths planned for the Bohe New Port Area of Maoming Port have been gradually put into construction,2012年12月,Bohe New Port area in the desert desert officially started,Since 2018, East and West breakwater, Bohe Bay Avenue, Bohe Bay Bridge, Western Guangdong LNG reclamation and first-level land development projects have been completed,Maoming Port Bohe New Port Area 100,000-ton general terminal officially opened in March 2019。当前,The Group is planning to expand the opening of Maoming Port,We will vigorously promote the construction of 100,000-ton refined oil terminals, 50,000-ton chemical terminals, and 810,000 m3 chemical storage projects,It is expected to be fully completed by the end of the year,The port handling capacity of Bohe New Port area of Maoming Port will increase from 16 million tons per year to over 30 million tons per year,Prominent status of regional important ports。

50,000-ton chemical wharf project

Ten years of innovation, practice reform to achieve improved quality and efficiency
       Reform is not stopped, and we are moving forward。In the past ten years, the group has always persisted in removing obstructions with the courage to turn inward, continuously deepening the reform of the enterprise and continuously enhancing the vitality of the enterprise。
       The reform of state-owned enterprises has achieved remarkable results。Around 2013,China Oil King Port Company and Port Management Company, two port enterprises that had been losing money for more than 20 years, were transferred to the group,Reform and restructuring were completed promptly,Continuously strengthen the production and management of the two terminal companies,Actively integrate into the development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the Beibu Gulf Economic Zone,Vigorously develop oil products, steel trade business,To "go out" attitude to continue to generate income and improve efficiency,Indicators of operating performance have climbed year after year。Since 2020, the Group has actively implemented the three-year action of state-owned enterprise reform, accelerated the layout optimization and structural adjustment of state-owned economy, further established and improved market-oriented operation mechanism, and made breakthrough progress in reform。As of October this year, the group has established and improved 48 systems in total, continuously transforming the institutional advantages into governance efficiency, and clearly establishing the employment orientation of wanting to do something, being able to do something, doing something and not having an accident. It maximizes the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of employees, and continuously enhances the vitality of the enterprise。
      Solid progress was made in investment cooperation。The group has successfully joined hands with upstream and downstream enterprises of large port supply chain industry chain, such as Sinopec, CNOOC, Guangzhou Port, Guangzhou Gas, GCL Group, etc,实现优质资源互补整合;会同广州港与工商银行、建设银行等七家主要银行机构共同签署“湾区港航供应链金融服务”战略合作框架协议,Construct a benign development of supply chain finance ecosystem。At present, the Group is speeding up the reform of the Group's stock market, actively introducing strategic investors, seeking the strategic transformation of the Group from "debt financing" to "equity financing", fundamentally resolving the problem of outstanding debt, promoting the standardized operation of the Group, and constantly improving the Group's comprehensive strength。

Ten years of active exploration to draw a new blueprint for the core port
      The layout of "differentiated" development is becoming clearer。Group closely around the "construction of deep water port,Xingbinhai Green City "development strategy,Based on Maoming industry and location advantages,Adhere to the petrochemical storage industry as the pillar of the road of differentiated development,Focus on crude oil, refined oil, LNG, chemical raw materials and products and other bulk commodities,Actively build a petrochemical product trading center integrating trade, logistics, information and gold,To build the group into the main industrial development battlefield with the most carrying capacity in Maoming City and a comprehensive port logistics service provider with core competitiveness in western Guangdong,Promote the cluster, scale and chain development of industries in port。
      Scientifically draw a new blueprint for the take-off of port industry。Group in accordance with the national and local "14th Five-Year" development plan requirements,Planning the development of the Group with "strategic, forward-looking and systematic" thinking,Based on the integration of industry and city,Focus on the main business and responsibility,Combination of length and persistence,Scientific preparation of the Group's five-year Development Plan (2022-2026),Actively create "one main one auxiliary three emerging" (namely port logistics industry,Port services are complementary,Urban development, supply chain finance and coastal tourism are emerging businesses),Build a port technical facilities network facing both land and sea and a port logistics service network serving the double cycle of domestic and foreign trade economy,Further strengthen the position of Maoming Port as an important regional port。

       Look ahead to 2025,Maoming Port Bohe New Port Area Guanggang General Terminal (Phase 2), 300,000-ton crude oil terminal, Western Guangdong LNG receiving station, petrochemical complex terminal and other projects have been completed and put into operation,茂名港博贺新港区港口吞吐能力达8000万吨/年;远期随着茂名港博贺新港区33个泊位全面建成,Will achieve throughput capacity up to 1.500 million tons per year,Maoming Port Bohe New Port Area will become an important regional port and an important hub of regional comprehensive transportation system,To form a comprehensive port covering grain, coal, ore, steel, LNG and other goods,You Fu is a specialized port featuring petroleum and chemical products,Become the national petrochemical raw materials and product handling variety complete,A regional energy port with large handling capacity。

      The magnificent South China Sea is the name of the extraordinary decade。Maoming Port people have painted a magnificent picture of the century-long dream of a deep water port。In the next decade, Maoming Port people will stay true to their original intention and mission, anchor the development strategy of "Building a deep water port and revitalizing coastal Green City", and promote Maoming Port to become an international first-class energy port. In this new journey, Maoming Port will write a more magnificent new chapter in Maoming's economic development!

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