Anchor the goal to go all out to prevent security risks at the end of the year and the beginning of the year

Maoming Port Group carried out supervision and inspection of production safety before the New Year's Day


Recently, the Party secretary of the group, chairman Wang Zhihua led the team in-depth production construction line supervision inspection before the New Year's Day festival safety work。Group Party Committee member, chief engineer CAI Guangzhang, Group president assistant Li Yuqi accompanied the inspection。

Wang Zhihua pointed out that the end of the year is the beginning of the safety accident prone period。In accordance with the deployment requirements of "Fighting for 30 days and ensuring safety throughout the year", each subordinate enterprise and project management department should adhere to the bottom line thinking, pay close attention to the production safety responsibility and the implementation of measures to ensure the stability of the group's production safety situation with the sense of responsibility of "always worrying"。

In CPC Wang Port and the port management company, the supervision team carefully inspected the production operations and the implementation of various safeguard measures for epidemic prevention and control, and asked the front-line staff in detail about the physical condition of the staff, the staff arrival situation and the production and operation situation。

At the construction site of key projects in Bohe New Port District, the supervision team looked at the construction progress of key projects in detail and asked about the difficulties and problems existing in the promotion of each project。The supervision group pointed out that the project managers should strengthen the element guarantee and strive to achieve the goal of expanding the opening of Maoming Port in a sprint。

Wang Zhihua stressed,First, we should unify our thoughts and actions into the spirit of the Party's 20 National Congress and implement the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 12th Maoming CPC Committee,Evaluate the situation,Fulfill the goal of expanding the opening of Maoming Port with responsibility,Do not relax to prevent security risks at the end of the year,全力服务集团高质量发展;二要牢固树立安全发展理念,Be on high alert at all times,Draw lessons from recent typical accidents,We will carry out a comprehensive campaign against major hidden dangers in workplace safety,Highlight key areas of rectification,Clear division of responsibilities,Strictly observe the operating procedures,Keep your eye on the risk,Solve the problem effectively,肩负起“保一方平安”的政治责任;三要针对疫情防控新形势新任务,We will strengthen policy publicity and coordination,Do a good job of "everyone is the first responsibility for their own health",We will implement the AB Angle system for key positions,Strengthen humanistic care,We will use more scientific, accurate and effective means to cross the peak smoothly,确保企业正常生产运营;四要加强值班值守和应急处突工作。During holidays and festivals, the system of 24-hour specially-assigned personnel on duty, leading cadres on duty and on duty, outside reporting, etc., is implemented to make preparations for all kinds of emergencies, strictly implement the information reporting system, and ensure that important situations are immediately requested to report and dealt with timely and effectively。(陈智)

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